Virtual Mobility – Judith Staines‘ study „Exited Atoms“ Informs about a New Powerful Arena for Performing Artists

Researching New Artistic Approaches

Judith Staines, UK based freelance cultural consultant, has recently published the results of her study on virtual mobility. She defines virtual mobility as:

  • the various practices of interactive networked performance where performers and audience can be in different physical or virtual places
  • the use of virtual channels in the creative process, enabling co-authoring and co-production of performance work by artists and producers in different geographical locations
  • new networking options in the performing arts (use of virtual tools for international mobility in training delivery, meetings & conferences)

In an interview with Lidia Varbanova on LabforCulture she talks about her study „Exited Atoms“.

Difficulties for Artists

The study not only informs about interesting artistic approaches, but also draws attention to the difficulties performing artists might have to face:

„In some countries and regions, falling between designated funding areas can mean that such work is not eligible for subsidy and more traditional forms are favoured.“ (p.22)

Interviews, Glossary, Research Section with Links

Interviews with key practitioners, cultural managers and critical observers make „Exited Atoms“ a very useful source of information. The study includes a glossary that explains some of the terms and helps to demystify technologies and areas of creative practice. The research section „Explore More“ contains over 150 links to artists, projects, platforms, reading and other references to help enthusiasts doing further research on their own.

Download „Exited Atoms“ by Judith Staines
The study was published in April 2010 by The dossier may be used freely for non-profit purposes, as long as the source is credited.

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