Performing Stories – „Narrative Praktiken jenseits von Dramatik und Postdramatik“


Lesenswert. Nina Tecklenburgs Performing Stories – Erzählen in Theater und Performance öffnet einen neuen Blick auf das Narrative in zeitgenössischen Theater- und Performanceprojekten.




„Very vulnerable in VR“

Photoimpression from Performersion #rpTEN. „Lost in Immersion“ Fireside Chat: Kathrin Passig and Jan-Keno Janssen.

Georg Werner demonstrates @performersion how Algorithms become Actors on Stage #rpTEN


A new player enters the stage of postdramatic theatre and beyond:

„Algorithms can be used as tools or can even become the structure of a theatre project …“

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#rpTEN with:out words photoimpressions @republica

Richard Sennett @republica / Impressions from #rpTEN


„An open system creates noise and tension, not comfort. That’s what opens people up.“

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