Science-Fiction Kurzfilm R’ha von Kaleb Lechowski

7 Monate, 6 Tage pro Woche á 10 Stunden macht 6:26 Minuten Film

Sieben Monate hat der gebürtige Göppinger Kaleb Lechowski gebraucht, um seinen 6 min Film R’ha herzustellen. Die Geschichte: Eine Variation der Terminator-Story – eine Zivilisation wird von den eigenen Maschinen angegriffen. Nicht neu, aber was die Netzgemeinde wohl gerade begeistert – mich eingeschlossen – und belohnt mit 600.000 Klicks nach schon drei Tagen, ist die unglaubliche Arbeit quasi im Alleingang.

Making of …

Seit heute sind die FAQ’s zu R’ha online auf dem Blog von Kaleb Lechowski für alle die sich z.B. über die verwendeten Programme erkundigen wollen. Im Radio-Interview bei FluxFM erzählt der 22-jährige Filmemacher mehr über die Entstehung und wie’s nun weitergeht.


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Peter Sloterdijk: „Die Option auf Hyperbeschleunigung zurücknehmen …“

Philosophisches Gedankenfutter: Interview Peter Sloterdijk – „nobody has time for an entire generation any more“ von LABKULTUR (Subtitles in English provided).

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In Bb 2.0 – collaborative music and spoken word project by Darren Solomon

Make your Remix


If you don’t know it yet,  go straight to and give it a try. You’ll love it! Promise 🙂

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Watch online! Low Lives 4: Networked Performance Festival, April 27 – 28

Low Lives 4 – Networked Performance Festival will feature more than 50 live performance-based works over two days, each transmitted over the web and projected in real time at venues across the globe. The exhibition will begin on Friday, April 27 from 8:30-11:30p.m. (EST) and continue on Saturday, April 28 from 3:00–6:00 p.m. (EST).

April 27, 2012; 8:30 – 11:30 pm (EST)  PDF: Schedule Day 1
April 28; 3:00 – 6:00 pm (EST) PDF: Schedule Day 2

What does EST mean if I live in Germany?
+ 6 hours (e.g. 8:30 p.m EST is 02:30 a.m in Germany)

Plug in and participate

“Over the past four years Low Lives has developed a platform that invites and enables artists, audiences, and presenting venues to “plug in and participate” from anywhere an internet connection exists.”

Exploring the potential of live streaming networks as a creative medium

„Low Lives is not simply about the presentation of performative gestures at a particular place and time, it is also about exploring the potential of live streaming networks as a creative medium connecting performance artists with audiences around the world”, explains  Jorge Rojas, artist and independent curator, who founded the festival in 2009.

For more information, visit

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Who Are We in the 21th Century? – Problema is a film that looks at you as you watch it

You can watch or download the feature length film for free or purchase the DVD. How? Go to to get more information about the film.

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After The Final Curtain – Photographic Documentation about Decay in Some of America’s Greatest Theatres

Matt Lambros is a New York City based photographer.  On his blog After The Final Curtain you will find „a photographic documentation of the effects of years of neglect and decay in some of America’s greatest theaters.“

As Matt Lambros tells the readers on his blog

„abandoned architecture has fascinated me since I was five years old […] I’ve spent ten years composing photographic obituaries for once-thriving buildings that are now crumbled and forgotten. My hope for my work is that it will shine light on beautiful, dated architecture and on the equal yet sinister beauty in decay.“

Great! Go and check it out: After the Final Curtain

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More Equal Societies Work Better

Andrew Simms of New Economics Foundation (nef) discusses why more equality in societies works better for everyone.

more stuff:

nef publication: „Ten Reasons to Care About Economic Inequality

TED-Talk: Richard Wilkinson – How economic inequality harms societies

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Rebecca MacKinnon asks: How do we design the next phase of the Internet with accountability and freedom at its core, rather than control?

Magna Carta for the Internet

Rebecca Mackinnon believes the internet is headed for a „Magna Carta“ moment when citizens around the world demand that their governments protect free speech and their right to connection.

„The reality is that even in democratic societies today, we do not have good answers for how to balance the need for security and law enforcement on one hand and protection of civil liberties and free speech on the other in our digital networks.“

Looking at issues of privacy, free expression and governance

Rebecca MacKinnon looks at issues of privacy, free expression and governance (or lack of) in the digital networks. A former head of CNN’s Beijing and Tokyo bureaus, Rebecca MacKinnon is an expert on Chinese Internet censorship. She’s one of the founders of the Global Voices Online blog network, which aggregates and translates news around the world that might otherwise go unheard.

(Text taken from:

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Video: „Digital Life: Today & Tomorrow“

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A is for Atom – PR Film from 1952

„On man’s wisdom, on his firmness in the use of that power depends now the future of his children and his children’s children in the new world of the atomic age …“

(quoted from „A is for Atom“)

Read more about the PR Film, that even won a special prize at the Venice Film Festival, in Sheerly Avni’s blogpost A is for Atom: Vintage PR Film for Nuclear Energy on openculture.

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