Welcome to one zero launsch!

What does one zero launsch mean?
The name of the blog is a wordplay with the two words „launch“ and „lounge“. the result is a german mash-up fantasy word that does exist nowhere, just as the island Utopia. „One Zero“ refers as well to countdown as to the digital world made of „One“ and „Zero“. Find out more about the wordplay at „About„.

What is one zero launsch about?
It is a blog for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities. I do hope you’ll travel once in a while to this digital island and enjoy your stay.

Do I have to know what Utopienwerkstatt is all about?
You don’t necessarily need to know about Utopienwerkstatt’s cultural activities, because the blog is a room of its own. But if you’re interested in what Utopienwerkstatt is all about see information below.

How do I find articles in English?
Look for the tag „articles in english“ under „TAGS“ at the sidebar. The tagged articles are mostly bilingual – a German version and a transcript in English. You’ll find further information that makes it easy for you to navigate to the right place in the posted articles.

The article is tagged, but I cannot find an English translation.

Many of the posted videos are in English. That is why you may sometimes miss an English introduction to the posted item, although it has been tagged with „articles in english„.

Information on Utopienwerkstatt
The utopienwerkstatt is a plattform for artists who are looking for opportunities to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogue. Hybrid forms of artistic expression form the Utopienwerstatt’s centre of interest.

The Utopienwerkstatt produces living, contemporary theatre under the label „textband plays: …“. The theatre of textband is based on storytelling integrating other elements such as music and visuals.

Website: www.utopienwerkstatt.culturebase.org