Burning Down the House – FIRE WITH FIRE by Isabelle Hayeur

Fire with Fire“ by Isabelle Hayeur. I stumpled upon this fascinating installation on The Pop-Up City where you can find more information about the project.

Two years ago a similar project called „FEUER-WERK“ was realized by the Interventionsraum in Stuttgart. The building in the Marienstraße 15 was set on fire using flickering light bulbs to create the effect. The artists invited thirteen firemen to join them in their gallery space. While the house seemed to be burning in the upper levels of the building the firemen enjoyed a meal, which was prepared and served for the guests by the artists, in the gallery space at the ground floor.

Firemen enjoying their meal while above their heads the building seems to be burning.
Foto: „EXP. 07 – FEUER-WERK“ by Interventionsraum

See: www.interventionsraum.de
Also to be found at our website: www.utopienwerkstatt.culturebase.org


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