Who Are We in the 21th Century? – Problema is a film that looks at you as you watch it

You can watch or download the feature length film for free or purchase the DVD. How? Go to mindpirates.org to get more information about the film.


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After The Final Curtain – Photographic Documentation about Decay in Some of America’s Greatest Theatres

Matt Lambros is a New York City based photographer.  On his blog After The Final Curtain you will find „a photographic documentation of the effects of years of neglect and decay in some of America’s greatest theaters.“

As Matt Lambros tells the readers on his blog

„abandoned architecture has fascinated me since I was five years old […] I’ve spent ten years composing photographic obituaries for once-thriving buildings that are now crumbled and forgotten. My hope for my work is that it will shine light on beautiful, dated architecture and on the equal yet sinister beauty in decay.“

Great! Go and check it out: After the Final Curtain

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